Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fiesta Asia 2012

It's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!
On May 19th, there was a street festival in DC. Fiesta Asia 2012 was back.

Now, I didn't go to the Sakura Matsuri Festival last month or so but last year I did go. The Sakura Matsuri festival had many things Japan like food, performances, and products. I loved the festival last year because it was probably like a mini Japanese convention. I bought a bunch of things that can be found on my old blog. Click here if you'd like to see. :)

Anyways, Fiesta Asia was simply a food festival. There were some items to buy but the main thing to buy was food. They had food from cool Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Korea and others. I had the pamphlet but my sister gave it to my uncle.

I didn't stay long because I wasn't really interested in the festivities. I was kind of hoping it would be livelier like the Sakura Matsuri festival.

Here are some pictures though.

I wish I had taken more pictures of performances or of the stands that weren't selling food but like I said, I wasn't all too interested in the festival so I guess that's why I didn't take out of camera too much.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Face Mask

In my local Asian store H Mart is a little beauty section. I was browsing around and I came across a bunch of face masks. I watch a bunch of make-up gurus on Youtube and some of them keep buying face masks and loving it, blah blah. So I decided to buy one and try!
I've been waiting to use this because it says to use at night before you go to sleep but I've been going to the gym lately and I usually glisten in my facial area so I decided to save the face mask for my after-gym days.

Qure Maskpack
It cost me $1. One-time use. There was a lot of different types of face masks but I got the one for dry skin. I had hoped the green tea one would be the one for me but sadly, it wasn't. ;o;

Back of it

I had to be careful taking the mask out because I was scared to rip it. I had to be very gentle with it while unfolding it too. It took me a while to unfold it, I was scared it was going to dry up lol.

I got these two for free, I believe they come with the face mask because on the back of the Qure packaging, it says to apply serum right after you take off the mask.
Also, I bought these a week and a half ago and when I bought it, the lady at the counter told me after I take off the mask I had to use one before the other but I don't remember which one it was. D;
I put on the Caviar serum first. My face felt so nice and smooth when I rubbed it all in.
After about ten minutes, I put on the peeling gel which made my skin feel better. The peeling gel had exfoliating beads in it which I always love in a product. When I washed that off, my skin felt light, smooth and really did shine. Sounds corny and lame but I was very happy with the outcome.
Now, let's also take into account that this is my first time using a face mask so my opinion may not mean much compared to someone who's tried thousands of face masks!
However, I would probably buy this again because it was just $1.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love You Long Time

It's been so long...
I am still a sickly suzie but I missed blogging so I decided to do a fun girly tag.
The What's-In-Your-Purse Tag!!
Blah, I'm sure most of you have already scrolled past this post or X'd out so I'll just provide some pics of what's in my purse!

Rebecca Minkoff bag

(From left to right, top to bottom): Hello Kitty wallet, Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Cosmetic Case, iPhone, Medicine, Hello Kitty hand mirror with a glasses cleaning cloth, keys, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, MAC lipglass, chapstick, tweezers, eyeliner, pen and my Paperchase planner.

Without everything..
And with everything!!! 
What's in your bag??
Anything funny, juicy, or secretive?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A - Z Challenge

Hi, I haven't been doing the challenge and I wish I could've kept up but I've been extremely sick. I was going to do a post on it (W for Weak or something) but I still wasn't feeling too well.
Anyways, I have lupus and it's gotten bad this month.
So, yes.. I "fizzled out".
When I am feeling better, I will try to continue doing my regular blogging.

Friday, April 6, 2012

F for food!

Did everyone like my post yesterday?? E for empty!! hahahahahaha

Okay, anyways.. today is going to be F for Food. I went to Tysons Corner Mall today (located in Mclean, Virginia) and I ate at this cute/cool little place called Wasabi. It is a conveyor belt sushi bar restaurant located right in the middle of the mall between two escalators so if you don't mind being stared at then I would recommend eating here!

View from the second floor. Picture taken from Yelp.

However, my sister says that Wasabi is okay some days and better other days. She tells me that at night, the chefs will make the same dishes and put out less new types of sushi. She knows more about this place as she goes there often and I've eaten there about five times but I also don't go to Tysons Corner regularly so five times is more than enough for me for now.

My sister and I went there to eat today. We only had about two plates each and then shared one together. Each of our plates had about 6 pieces on it so we were really full from that.

Our meal cost $22! So basically $11 each. Not bad at all.

Tower of Sushi

Our chef in front of us.
After sushi, we walked around the mall. Then as we were leaving we grabbed some cupcakes from Cakelove. We got 4 cupcakes for $13 altogether.

My tummy is satisfied.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


9:30 PM.
I can't believe I start my blogs so late. I'm really tired so I don't know how enthused I will be right now.

Throughout the day, I had no idea what I would write about. I wasn't so planned with this ABC thing as I thought I would be. Thank the heavens though, my uncle decided to take me and my cousins on an impromptu trip to DC. We go there often for no reason but to walk around the museums.

People probably recognize DC with museums and the government but there's actually a little bit more to that. There's a little area called Georgetown which is like a fashion district. It has Betsey Johnson, Anthropologie, H&M, United Colors of Bennetton, Pinkberry and a bunch of other pretty expensive shops. There is not many cheap places there... I do know there is a 'Vintage Boutique' but I've never been in yet so not totally sure of the prices in there. Anyways, Georgetown is by the Potomac River, there's a really nice walking area/park by it so it can be a very good place to have a cutesy date. The roads in Georgetown are almost always soooo busy and it can be very hard to find parking so if you can, it'll probably be best to take the metro.

Wednesday afternoon, around 5 PM. A lot busier than this pic implies.

I absolutely love Georgetown, I just wish I had more money to shop there comfortably. They had a very cute asian store, 'Lil Thingamajigs' but I guess they didn't get a lot of business because now it's shut down. I missed out on the closing sale too. :(
We also walked around the museum area in DC. Only going to post the nicest pictures.

Not a great post but at least I got something for today! Okay, now going to get ready for bed!! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C my Crafts!

Haha I so silly :X
Anyways, another late post but I've been cleaning all day and packing. I'm moving into a new place in two weeks & I decided to pack up some things today.
After packing, I decided to think about how I was going to decorate everything... I have so many anime prints from conventions that I want to hang up but my bf isn't as into all of the anime pics I have. I have about 9 different pieces of art work I want to hang up, more than half of them anime-ish. I also want to get frames for each of them to make our place look more organized & grown-up-ish instead of the old 'I'll-just-tape-my-pics-up' job.
I also have some hello kitty pics I got from an old calendar. I cut up the parts that had the month on it and I'm planning on framing it to add to our wall. I'm starting to get worried about how much these frames will cost. :0 I hope I can find some in goodwill or thrift stores!
I've also decided to make one of those 'keep calm and...' pieces. I cut up a cereal box & painted that. Then I'm going to make a stencil out of the words & paint it on top of the box. I'm very excited to see how it will turn out but I've put so much layers on the box and it's still not great. u_u I have a lo more painting to do.
Oh! And last project is painting the edges of a mirror. My dad keeps telling me I should've bought spray paint but I already had a lot of paint at home that I didn't realize. :X i have to buy a red though to finish it.
So many projects!!!! I really hope I find cheap frames because I don't want to spend too much! I'll also be putting up pictures tomorrow... My laptop is downstairs and there are people downstairs that I don't want to see. Hopefully I get it down as soon as I can in the morning!! :)